My Sweet Orange Tree is a best-selling novel by Brazilian writer José Mauro. The book has also been turned into a movie. This book has something interesting that is so hot. Thich Viet Lach introduces you to a new book, this is probably one of the novels you should read once. Check out our review below!

1. Summary of my sweet orange tree book

My Sweet Orange Tree Book
Review of my sweet orange tree – José Mauro de Vasconcelossinh

We often say, children don’t know anything? But they are actually very sensitive. If their world is filled with suffering, it can still be felt. They can be corrupted by what they are subjected to. If the world is filled with love, they will grow up with a heart full of love.

Poor 5-year-old Zeze was born into a poor family with many siblings. The father has been unemployed for a long time, the financial burden falls on the shoulders of the mother. She had to work overtime a lot, and when she got home, she was so tired that she easily fell asleep. Zeze has less time to interact with her mother. The father who lost his job was bored and seemed apathetic, confused, and irritable.

He has a vivid worldview, rich imagination. He feels lonely and always imagines a friend. The sweet orange tree is such a friend of yours. He named the tree Pinkie. Like many children, Zeze is a very naughty boy. His jokes are sometimes seen as too harsh and affect others.

He is a smart boy, can read early, clever, people are also very admiring with his ability. And equally disgusted with naughty vandalism. Harmful jokes drive the neighbors crazy.

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He cut a neighbor’s clothesline, messed it up, waxed the church gate to see who slipped. His mischief sometimes almost affects a pregnant woman, when he uses a snake pattern sock to scare passersby.

Behind that mischievous look is also a loving heart. A boy who understands the story, understands it to the point of pain. Only 5 years old, but Zeze’s worldview is wide open. This also comes from the boy’s loving heart and desire to be loved.

He is willing to give his brother his favorite “Silver king” toy so that his brother will not cry at Christmas. It looked funny as he comforted his younger brother, while tears were streaming down his face.

Once because he accidentally said a sentence that hurt his father. He realized his mistake, regretted it, and resolved to apologize to his father with actions. Zeze worked hard early to polish his shoes to earn money to buy his father a pack of cigarettes for him for Christmas.

Rich in feelings, because he did not have money to buy flowers, he stole flowers to put on his teacher’s desk. Because he saw that every teacher had students arrange flowers at the table. That teacher, because she was a bit ugly, was not loved by the students and arranged flowers. After the teacher realized that he often stole flowers to arrange at her desk, the teacher talked to the boy. She saw that, without a real flower, that flower already existed. The teacher felt the warm heart of this little boy.

Not only that with Zeze, there are also many small stories for us to feel that this is a boy rich in kindness. Please read book My Sweet Orange Tree to feel and understand more about this boy Zeze’s journey!

His life with a large family, lack of material and people with unstable spirit made him also receive a lot of hurt and injustice. He didn’t feel much love from his family.

Then one day, someone came into his life, giving him a better understanding of love and accepting it. That’s when he met Mr. Bo. The person he initially found very obnoxious and scary. Mr. Bo gradually opened his love for a boy who was inherently rich in affection but was perverted by society.

Loss is an inevitable part of growing up. Read My Sweet Orange Tree – You’ll get it. The trauma the boy had to go through. We find in it deep empathy.

2. About My Sweet Orange Tree

My sweet orange tree book cover
My Sweet Orange Tree Cover – José Mauro de Vasconcelossinh

The birth of my sweet orange tree work

My Sweet Orange Tree is a novel by José Mauro – Brazil. The book is said to be the best seller in the history of Brazilian literature. First released in 1968, after a few months sold 217,000 copies.

With its close, simple language, books have also become a popular choice for elementary schools in Brazil to use in their curriculum.

Also, My Sweet Orange Tree was adapted into a movie. Includes two films directed by Aurélio Teixeira in 1970 and a remake in 2013 by director Marcos Bernstein.

My sweet orange tree author

José Mauro de Vasconcelos was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1920 to a poor family. He had to work many different jobs to make ends meet. The difficult living situation formed a brilliant writer with honest works with themes around his life.

My Sweet Orange Tree is José Mauro’s greatest hit novel. The book is the story of his childhood experiences with turning points in his life. 

3. Conclusion

After reading novel My Sweet Orange Tree you will surely have to pause for a moment to think. Children are innocent but have a sensitive soul. Give them the love to see the bright smiles on their faces. That smile will water the peace in our souls.

This is a bestseller among children’s novels. However, that does not mean that it is sacred. Some of the stories in the book are still a bit fragmentary, the plot moves quickly. Sometimes when I read I need to stop, skim to read the story of the previous paragraph. Only some parts according to Thich Viet Lach still need more links.

The rest of the book did a great job of creating empathy for the reader. We will experience life in the most authentic way and also awaken compassion in our hearts closed to the unjust social reality. After all this is still one of the books you should read once.

Hopefully my sweet orange tree book review and book summary will give you a better understanding of the work. If you love the story that the author wants to share, read the book right away!

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